The Future of Farming: How Fyllo is Paving the Way for Sustainable Agriculture

From real-time insights to crop-specific advice, see how Fyllo’s innovative approach is helping farmers increase productivity while reducing their impact on the environment.

Farming has always been a challenging profession. Farmers face a lot of difficulties in managing their crops, from irrigation to fertilization, pest control to disease prevention, and much more. However, technology has brought about a shift in the way farming is done. Fyllo is one such company that has revolutionized the farming industry through its innovative approach.

Fyllo helps farmers take precise decisions and increase farm productivity. We install devices on farms that provide farmers with access to real-time farm data, insights, and analytics through our mobile app. The Weather Pro unit captures various parameters from soil : soil moisture of two levels and soil temperature, from canopy : leaf wetness, light intensity, air temperature, air humidity, air pressure and from the environment : wind speed, wind direction and rainfall.

All the captured data is sent to Fyllo’s cloud server for analysis and processed using machine learning and AI agronomy models. From this data, we generate crop-specific advice to the farmers, such as how much to irrigate, when to irrigate, precise fertilizer schedule and spraying schedules, disease and pest predictions, weather predictions, Delta T, and climate-based suggestions like fruit cracking, fruit dropping, less flowering, harvest management, quality prediction, and yield predictions.

Fyllo’s Nero unit provides data from two levels of soil moisture and soil temperature, helping in precise irrigation and fertigation for crops. To get a crop-specific fertigation schedule, farmers need to upload a petiole test or soil report in the Fyllo app. All the recorded data is saved on our server, year by year, so farmers can access the data whenever required.

Fyllo is helping farmers to get A-grade quality produce with a 20% increase in yield, 90% export quality produce, and a 25% decrease in resources used. We are also providing 24/7 customer support for farmers with our world-class agronomy team.

Fyllo’s approach is changing the game for farmers. We are making farming more efficient, productive, and sustainable. With our innovative solutions, farmers can make precise decisions based on real-time data, leading to better crop yields and higher quality produce. Fyllo is a game-changer for farmers, and our technology is paving the way for the future of farming.