For Seed Companies

If you are a seed company looking to develop multiple seed tests blocks, Fyllo is a perfect partner to help you manage practices and climate across plots/location. With Fyllo, you can do the following:
Manage disease/pests in different varieties:

Fyllo provides you climate-based disease and pest prediction that you can use to monitor effect of different pathogens on the varieties being developed.

Conduct multi location, multi – climatic zone trials:

With Fyllo device and dashboard providing you the micro-climate data, you can monitor your trials in different microclimatic zones and be confident on the crops being climate proof.

Set package of practices for new varieties:

In the trial locations, you can set package of practices for irrigation, fertigation and disease/pest management that work the best for your variety.

Provide season long support to initial growers:

As a seed company, you can help the initial growers get the best out of the variety.

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